Electronic Music Artists Say Love You Brisbane

Remember the early-mid 80's? Bubble skirts and fluoro colours, shoulder pads and "Dynasty" hairstyles, ekka show bags ($5!) and bmx bikes, school days with your mates.. and if you were in Brisbane, the sounds of "Love You Brisbane" streaming from TV sets tuned to Channel Seven - uniting the community spirit in us all!

"Love You Brisbane, you mean the world to me.. the people the places, the sights and the faces... there's no place I'd rather be... "

Now, fast forward to the year 2002 and the words still ring true.

Brisbane electronic music artists are invited to create their very own remix of this classic song for the project:records "Love You Brisbane Remix Project". Song submissions from artists of any electronic music genre are being accepted now for inclusion on a promotional CD (not for sale) being released this November to coincide with the "Straight Out Of Brisbane" music/arts festival.

The idea was developed by Project Records Manager Kath O'Donnell, who admitted to having a soft spot for the tune that never seems to die.

"The aim of this project is to highlight the range of musical styles and talent in the Brisbane electronic music community using a locally recognised song as the source material for the remix. When the original song was released, it created a huge amount of community spirit for both Brisbane and Channel Seven."

"The 'Love You Brisbane' jingle is something of a local icon, and anyone who lived in Brisbane over the three years it was used could sing it word for word," Ms O'Donnell said.

"At the time, the song was so popular that other stations in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth adapted it to use their city names but it never sounded quite as good and so didn't enjoy the success it received in Brisbane."

"The remix project will resurrect some fond memories for a lot of people and the enthusiasm for it has been overwhelming."

Contact Kath O'Donnell : AliaK77 @ gmail dot com : http://www.loveyoubrisbaneremixproject.com for source material, further details, submission queries and media information.

love you brisbane remix project

e: AliaK77 @ gmail dot com
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